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Family Pictures

My Great-Grandmother, Alice Laura Lemoine (1897-1989), 1909, age 12 years; Wyoming. She was born in Hanna, Wyoming to immigrants to Belgium.

Alice Lemoine, 1915. She married Charled Grundy in 1920. They divorced in 1929.

Alice (Lemoine) Dodge, 1929. She married my great-grandfather, Jim Dodge, 6 Nov 1929 in Ft. Collins, Colorado. They lived on Windmill Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming.

Alice (Lemoine) Dodge, 1956. She was living in Rawlins, Wyoming and had been widowed since December, 1949.

Alice (Lemoine) Dodge, 1977. This is how I remember my great-grandmother when she lived in Clearfield, Utah, during the 1980's. She passed away 21 April 1989.
Jim Dodge (2nd from right) - 1947, Rawlins, Wyoming

My Great-Grandfather, James Robert Dodge (1894-1949) He was a veteran of World War I. Sadly, there are no pictures of him from that time.

Jim Dodge, ca. 1928 - building Rawlins High School.
Jim Dodge, French Creek, Wyoming - 1930's.

Jim Dodge (my great-grandfather) holding his son (my grandfather), Robert E. Dodge, 1930. Taken at Windmill Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming.

Jim Dodge (my great-grandfather) fishing with his son (my grandgather), Robert E. Dodge, 1931. Taken in Wyoming.

James Robert Dodge in San Francisco, 1934. He is standing next to the store front 'Fogalsang's Pru-Nut Creams'. This candy store was owned by his sister Frances (Dodge) Nemetzky and was located on 669 Geary Street in San Francisco.

Edna (Newitt) Patterson (1908-1999), daughter of James & Rachel (Dodge) Newitt. She was a nurse, first in Grand Junction, Colorado, and then in Tacoma, Washington.

Virginia (Graham) DeMark (1917-1991). She married Don D. DeMark in 1939. They lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
James Robert Dodge, at left (1894-1949), possible with his brother Dwight Hector (Henry) Dodge (1891-1960). This photo was taken in 1920. Dwight left Colorado around this time and moved to Woodlake, California. He died in Midland, Oregon.

This photo is a bit of a mystery. On the front is written 'Uncle Alfred Dodge' but on the back is written the date 25 Jan 1934 - aged 52 years. This age & birthdate correspond to John Edward Dodge (1882-1934), who turned 52 in 1934. He was living in Fairplay, Colorado and died there in September of that year.
Frances Cleveland (Dodge) Nemetzky (1888-1955), daughter of Nathaniel T. & Fannie H. (Stevens) Dodge. Frances was married twice; first to Thomas Fogalsang (1871-1928) in 1916, second to David Nemetzky (1883-1947) in 1930. She lived most of her life in San Francisco, California.

Thanks to Marguerite Witter for this picture. This is a picture of Nathaniel T. Dodge's brother, Asa S. Dodge (1834-1910) with two of his granddaughters, Carrie & Nettie Jones. Asa Dodge was born in Maine & fought in the Civil War. He died at the Natoinal VA Home in Togus, Maine in April of 1910.

Unidentified sister of Nathaniel T. Dodge; possibly either Mary Ann (Dodge) Bray (1841-1904) or Sarah Jane (Dodge) Bray (1843-1923), since both of them also moved to & lived in Buena Vista, Colorado from Maine.

John B. Stevens (1819-1884) & Eliza Ann Butland (1819-1889); parents of Fannie H. (Stevens) Dodge. They both lived in Pittston, Maine & are buried there.

Home of Nathaniel T. & Fannie H. Dodge in Buena Vista, Colo., ca. early 1900's. Standing in front of the house are several of their children (I count 7 children standing on the front porch: -from oldest to youngest- Edward, Clara, Rachel, Frances, Dwight, Jim & Ann). Their two oldest sons, Sherman & Alfred, had already left Buena Vista. I've never been able to find them.

Fannie H. Dodge (holding granddaughter, Virginia Graham). Person standing is Ann H. (Dodge) Graham). Person at left is unidentified. Taken 1917 at family ranch in Buena Vista, Colo.

Nathaniel T. Dodge (right) with his daughter, Ann H. Dodge (middle), ca. 1915. The lady on the left is unidentified. Taken on family ranch in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Restored & Original Photos of Nathaniel T. Dodge - ca. 1870's. Thanks to my sister Rachel with the restoration of this picture (above).

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